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Our bikes are selected to suit Bruny Island conditions

Cycle Bruny Island only supply quality bicycles that are suitable for the conditions you will encounter while cycling on Bruny Island. Our range includes 29er and Hybrid touring eBikes along with a selection of normal Hybrid touring bikes. All bikes are fitter with carry racks and lights. Parts of Bruny are quite isolated and accordingly the bikes are maintained to the highest standard. The bike hire price includes and back up service where if any bike fails you can call base and a support vehicle will come to the rescue.

Unless you are very fit we recommend you grab one of our eBikes. From Dennes Point in the North to Cape Bruny in the South is approximately 100km. You will face a mixture of dirt and sealed roads with some roads varying in width. The island also features quite a few hills which can sap the energy of inexperienced riders.

Plan for the best experience possible and talk to us if you are unsure about what type of bike to hire. But take it from us, experience has shown that most riders will have a much more positive experience with an eBike in this environment. 

Hire Rates

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All of our bikes are available for daily or multiple day hire. You can contact us for special rates on group bookings and multiple day hire. All bike hire comes with helmet, map, first aid kit, bike tool, gloves etc. 

If these hire rates are un-affordable to you, phone or email Rob to see if there are any alternatives. 
Gepida Alboin 700 large
Touring Bike
Standard Bicycle
$80 for each additional day

The touring bike is a traditional, high quality, hybrid bike using your pedal power. Bruny has some challenging climbs. This choice is suitable for bike fit, regular riders!

$89 daily
Bruny Island Gepida
Mountain eBike
Electric Pedal Assist
$120 for each additional day

Comfortable mountain bikes with quality fittings and brakes
Fitted with the Bosch Electric Pedal Assist to make your adventure rock!
$129 daily
Gepida Alboin XL
Hybrid eBike
Electric Pedal Assist
$120 for each additional day

Comfortable mountain bikes with quality fittings and brakes
Fitted with the Bosch Electric Pedal Assist to make your adventure rock!
$129 daily
The renter is liable for all damage and loss to any bike hired from Cycle Bruny Island.
Questions? Easy Booking?
Call Rob 0477 495 339

Gear Hire

Cycling is a great way to see the country-side.  Adding extra gear like side Panniers can often add an extra element of comfort to your ride. For infrequent riders we would recommend the Suspension Seat Post.
hire a delux seat to go with your bike at Cycle Bruny Island
Deluxe Seating
suits some bikes
There's nothing better than the word "free" and there's nothing worse than a sore backside from infrequent riding.

Ask us about our deluxe saddle and German made suspension seat posts for the ultimate comfort.
$0 daily
hire a pannier bag to go with your bike at Cycle Bruny Island
Pannier Bags
various bags

We stock a good range of quality pannier and rack top bags for storing your gear on the rear and front of your hire bike.

$5 per day
Buy a disposable raincoat from Cycle Bruny Island
Cycling shower jacket
slightly dodgy rain coat
Small and light.  made to tuck easily into a spare pocket.  These rain coats will protect you from bad weather.

$2 per day

Guidance and Support

Most clients dont have any difficulty finding their way on Bruny, bike hire comes with a relevant map along with guidance and support. 

For groups its worth considering having the dual cab ute tag along for back up support, the ute will stay well out of the way but will be behind the group travelling slowly with its hazard lights on, warning traffic of the cyclists ahead, giving a lift to any stranglers and carrying food stuffs and equipment if you’d like a barbecue lunch. A similar service can be provided by the business petrol scooter.
  • Ute support $500 per day
  • Scooter support $380 per day
  • Catering – basic or gourmet contact for details
This service is unavailable until further notice

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