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Tour Grading

Bruny Island is deceptively large , being about 100km in length with road sections of paved (sealed), generally well kept dirt along with all manner of side tracks and trips. The Dennes point ride on one of the e-bikes still takes a reasonably fit person, however there’s no rush, there’s plenty of places you’ll want to stop. A short ride from Kettering along the beautiful Manuka road is a good way to get the feel of the bike, go on your own or book ahead to have a guide. Our tours are graded easy, medium and hard. With easy suitable for most people, medium suitable for reasonably fit people with some cycling experience and hard being for more experienced rider.

Cycling Tours Grading System

Easy Difficulty CyclingEasyLess than 20kms
Medium Difficulty CyclingModerate20-50kms per day reasonably fit
Medium-Hard Difficulty CyclingModerate / HardYou choose.  Go hard and fast or take longer and go at your own pace.
Hard Difficulty CyclingHard50km and more and you need to be fit

*If you have any questions about difficulty levels, use our contact form

Equipment and Safety

Enough water, a mobile phone and something warm are the three biggies!

Tasmanian climate through the warmer months is superb, this is a good time to tour, but also some of the finest adventures can be had during spring and autumn during the off peak season when you get much of the island to yourself, but no matter what time of the year it is, in Tasmania you need to be prepared for the possibility of a cold snap, make sure you carry something warm, have strong boots, a hat, a ‘beany’ can be easily stored but can be invaluable during cold weather. During the warmer months keep an eye out for smoke, do not ride toward any bush fire.

Ensure you wear appropriate visible clothing including reflective high vis cycling clothing, Bruny roads are generally quiet but you need to be easily seen. During poor light turn your flashing front and rear lights on. Some steep descents have sharp corners, maintain a safe speed. Don’t run off the road from being distracted by the views or looking at birds. Most cycling accidents on Bruny Island happen while descending a hill, be onto the brakes as soon as you start to descend, don’t let the bike build up too much speed before you start to brake.

An ‘On Call’ support system is available by contacting the Cycle Bruny Island base, always have a mobile phone handy and call ‘000’ in case of emergency. If in a poor phone signal area it may be necessary to get to the top of a hill to gain signal.


The Tasmanian weather can be changeable, if the weather is unsuitable for riding then we can make adjustments to your riding times, Cycle Bruny Island will do all it can to make it work pleasurably. During October through to March you can expect to get some wonderful riding weather, but you still can get a cold front come through, it can even snow on new years day.  It always pays to have some warm and dry clothing available. Forecasts are becoming quite reliable and during winter months you do still get some fine cycling conditions, especially if you’ve arranged for a fire to be blazing within your nights accommodation stop over.

What Tour Should I Start With?

It depends on your fitness and the bicycle you choose, if you intend to carry camping equipment and the essentials for an extended stay away from the mainstream, then you’ll need to be fit and experienced in both cycling and camping, day rides, on your own or with guidance or combined with luggage transfer, pre-arranged accommodation will lessen the load, choosing an eBike makes all the rides much easier.

Peruse through the ride descriptions and if you’re not sure, contact us for discussion or come to Kettering and take a short ride to get the feel of the bikes and decide from there.

Self Guided Tours

A basic map showing almost all of the roads and tracks on Bruny Island is provided with the bike hire, Bruny Island’s main road network is fairly straight forward, google maps on your phone is a great navigation tool if unsure or if you go off the main roads, otherwise Cycle Bruny Island can provide detailed maps. An on-call support system is included in your bike hire, also for a fee you can be collected or dropped off from or to anywhere, you can book ahead to be collected from a particular place.

Several SGT are set out in our mapping system, showing the routs, distances etc, and including accommodation and attractions along the way, we can pre book your accommodation, or you can go to the various web sites to arrange your own.

Our Rates

We offer a range of bicycles and equipment to make your ride as pleasurable and fun as possible.  Take the worry out of cycling by hiring from us.  We’d love to talk to you about your next group or family booking and can offer special deals.  See our prices here.

Our Hire Agreement

Bruny Island Cycles rental agreement and hire formThis is our Bicycle Hire Agreement form.  You will need to agree to the terms and conditions before hitting the road/trail with one of our bikes.  We are a friendly company.

Time and Distance

A handy reference that gives you an indication of how long it might take you to get to or from the ferry terminal.
From Ferry (Bruny Is) Distance (km) Approx Travel Time (hrs)
Adventure Bay  38 2.5
Alonnah  37 2.5
Barnes Bay  10  0.6 (35mins)
Cape Bruny  65 4 to 5
Cloudy Bay  53  3 to 4
Coningham Beach  13 1
Dennes Point  25 2
Lunawanna  43 3
Neck Campground  28 2.2
Neck Lookout 25 2
Snug Falls  13 2
  • Based on an average speed of 18 km per hour.


We can pre-book your accommodation at any level choosing known good places that our clients have provided us feedback about, alternatively go online and have a look, there are some fantastic places to stay out there. Also there are some good places to stay at Kettering before or after your Bruny Island expenience.

There are 4 main camping areas, The Neck, Adventure Bay Caravan Park, Jetty Beach and Cloudy Bay, food, beverage and luggage transfer are available.

Do I need a National Parks Pass?

If you enter any of Tasmania’s National Parks then you need a Parks Pass. Both Cloudy Bay and Jetty Beach Camping Sites are inside the South Bruny Island National Park. Fees are $12 pp per day or $30 pp for an 8 week Holiday Pass. See

Camping, where can I camp on Bruny Island?

There is no free camping on Bruny Island, Captain Cook Caravan Park offer grassy campsites through to Villas. 

The National Parks have unpowered Camping sites at Neck Reserve (no National Park Pass Required), Cloudy Beach and Jetty Beach (National Park Pass Required). Camping fee’s are $10 per single or couple and $5 ea per extra person, an on site payment box is provided.

How do I charge the battery on my ebike?

The batteries last a long time, for day rides it is unusual to run low on battery, the eBikes have an easy to use display which shows your battery use, it is easy to calculate when you need to turnaround and head for home to ensure you have enough battery. 

If you are traveling a long distance or on multiple day hire then a battery charger will be supplied with the bike hire, you can recharge over night at your accommodation or during your travels most places will allow you to plug in, from dead flat the eBike battery only uses about 30 cents worth of electricity to recharge, even just plugging in somewhere for half an hour will give you lots more range.

Mobile Phone Reception?

Optus and Telstra are the main providers for Bruny Island. North Bruny generally has reasonable Mobile signal, South Bruny in places also has reasonable signal but a lot of the South Island has poor to non-existent signal. In places moving around or climbing to the top of a hill will provide some signal, TXT’s are the most reliable. 

So don’t get yourself lost or be on your own and fall off in an area where there is no phone signal.

How do I get to Bruny Island?

The Bruny Island Ferry departs from Kettering, 30 minute drive south of Hobart. There is also a Metro bus service from Hobart to Kettering. Collection from Hobart, from the Airport or your accommodation may be pre-arranged, email or phone Cycle Bruny Island to arrange. Ferry info- the ferry runs a regular service, cost for a bicycle is $6, find the ferry timetable here

Can I walk up and hire a bike?

No, our business does not have a customer facing entrance.  All bikes are picked up and dropped off at the Kettering Ferry Terminal by prior arrangement.  You can call us but It is always advisable to book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Can I leave the bike at other locations other than the pick up point?

Yes, you can prearrange to leave the bike at other locations to our Kettering depot, fee’s may apply. 

You may also prearrange to have the bike and accessories delivered to other locations for collection, eg, airport, fee’s may apply. Bike delivery can be arranged statewide, fees may apply.

I’m from the U.S. what side of the road do I ride on?

All bike riding in Australia is on the left hand side of the road. It is recommended for the well being of your person and our bikes that you stick to the left hand side as much as possible.

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